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Falengreen A/S

Address: Niels Bohrs Vej 45 8660 - Skanderborg
Phone: +45 8781 7600
Country: Denmark
Industries: Food & Food Processing

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About the company
Falengreen A/S is a family owned food and beverage company located in Denmark. Founded in 1989 by Ole Falengreen Nielsen who is the owner of the company and chairman of the board. Ole Nielsen's two daughters and sons in law are members of the company’s board. In 2013, Ole Nielsen retired as CEO and Morten Pedersen was hired as the new CEO. Morten Pedersen holds a part of the company.

Falengreen develops, manufactures and imports a wide range of foods, mainly cheeses, dairy products and beverages as well as convenience articles. The goods are sold as private label to Danish customers, and also several European brands are in its product range. Falengreen's customers are primarily Scandinavian retailers as well as customers within the catering and food service business, and the company is also active in several export markets with articles produced at its own factory.

The skilled and loyal employees develop and manufacture dairy products in the 4.500 m2 production facilities. The factory, built in 2004, is situated in Stilling near Skanderborg, Denmark. On 3 production lines, Falengreen's blocks of pizzatopping as well as various cheeses are grated and cubed as well as packed for shipment. The employees take care of the general product development and the technological development of new production methods as well. The food security is maintained according to the HACCP principles and the factory has obtained a FSSC 22000 certificate, and is also certified to manufacture and handle organic products. The production capacity is able to meet the demands of both large and small customers, and the size of the dairy with about 10 employees makes a quick switch of production mode and delivery of special orders possible.

The core strength is sales and through many years of cooperation, Falengreen has achieved close relations with its suppliers throughout Europe. The sales team consisting of key account managers and sales coordinators provides a high quality of service to ensure full customer satisfactory. A cooperation with Falengreen means advantages within invoicing, logistics, quality management and product and design development on the Danish and Scandinavian markets.



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