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NBE Production A/S


9300 - SÆBY

Telefon: 31626730
Land: Denmark
Brancher: Ventilation & Cooling
Renewable Energy


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Beskrivelse af virksomheden
NBE is a prominent leader within the production of residential and small commercial wood pellet boiler systems.

NBE was founded by Kim Gregersen and Jannich Hansen, two forward thinking entrepreneurs who were fed up with the rising cost of heating oil and the damaging effects it has had on the environment. In 1999, the two friends decided to do their part to turn it around. Operating out of a garage in North Jutland Denmark, the two began installing and exploring with various types of alternative fuels and burner technologies -even experimenting with fish oil as a fuel source. However, after much consideration and experimentation they concluded that a wood pellet burner was the most viable alternative to compete with oil. This was due to the fact that wood pellets have a very low relative cost to heating oil-often 50% less expensive. In addition, wood pellets are both CO2 neutral and are a renewable fuel source. While wood pellet boiler systems existed in the early 2000 they were often far too expensive. In contrast, Kim & Jannich envisioned a high quality product that could be affordable to everyone. It was this realization that marked the true beginning of NBE.

Today, NBE has over 60,000 systems out on the field and has garnered 60-70% market share in Denmark as well as about 10 % of global unit sales. This success can be attributed to our founding vision of delivering customer’s the absolute best value on their investment. This requires thoughtful and elegant product designing, rapid integration of new technologies and web capabilities, state of the art production methods that utilize robot welding and bending technologies; all of which contribute to both our high product reliability and affordability.



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