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Carbide A/S

Hjemmeside: www.carbide.dk
Adresse: Plastvænget 3C

9560 - Hadsund

Telefon: +45 70 25 42 18
E-mail: info@carbide.dk
Land: Denmark
Brancher: Retailers
Tools & Machinery


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E-mail: info@carbide.dk
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Beskrivelse af virksomheden
Abrasive tools that last longer - much longer - LIKE 150 TIMES LONGER!

Carbide is a Danish manufacturer of high performance abrasive tools supplying both retail and industry as well custom solutions. You are welcome to contact Carbide directly for any type or size of request.

Tool solutions from Carbide ensures a serious improvement to the work process as well a noteworthy reduction to overall costs when compared to standard abrasive tools. This is made possible by its incomparable durability and effectiveness. Abrasive tools from Carbide not only last longer, they are also water repellant and come in a modern design with a solid grip. Why not look your best when you perform the best.

The almost endless life cycle of Carbide's tools guarantees a professional and longlasting performance with minimal maintenance. This is thanks to a deep understanding of various industrial work and production flows, but also due to a vast knowhow of the many different materials and components you encounter when working with abrasive tools. This capacity positions Carbide's tool solutions among the strongest and most durable on the global market. That is why Carbide guarantees all customers a true grit experience.

Carbide is ready to assist if you are looking for a custom solution - whether it be a large industrial system or a limited tool series Carbide is able to deliver a fully custom made abrasive tool system that fits your every need. Can you afford to keep wasting money on sandpaper and standard tools that always need maintenance or substitutes? Try Carbide's high-end tools and experience the impressive craftsmanship that these tools represent. With top of the line hardware from Carbide even the most tedious tasks become easier to manage.

You can ask for abrasive tools from Carbide at your local hardware store - If they are not available please make sure to make a personal inquiry in store or contact Carbide directly via the informations provided on this page.

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