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Klindt Staldteknik ApS

Klindt Staldteknik ApS was established in 2002 by Michael Klindt. The company is highly experienced in both traditional and automatic milking of cows. Klindt Staldteknik is a supplier of milking and cowshed equipment such a...

Hjemmeside: http://www.klindtstaldteknik.dk Branche: Agri and Farm-tech / Automation & Robotics / Tools & Machinery / Construction & Buildings / Food & Food Processing

- Klindt Staldteknik ApS

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tic elkas

PROFESSIONAL PARTNER We are an attractive and professional partner, who delivers competitive solutions with the highest quality and with punctuality. CONTRUCTION We create solutions from large scale complex control systems wi...

Hjemmeside: www.ticelkas.dk Branche: Automation & Robotics / Food & Food Processing / Green Technologies

Torben Madsen

COO - tic elkas

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”Find new clients, Find new collaborating partner(s), To expand my professional network”

Falengreen A/S

Falengreen A/S is a family owned food and beverage company located in Denmark. Founded in 1989 by Ole Falengreen Nielsen who is the owner of the company and chairman of the board. Ole Nielsen's two daughters and sons in law ar...

Hjemmeside: www.falengreen.com Branche: Food & Food Processing

- Falengreen A/S

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Global Tours

Global Tours can offer excellent service for business trips, family trips, groups and events all over the world. We cooperate with trustworthy partners we have known for many years, and that gives us a widespread professional net...

Hjemmeside: www.globaltours.dk Branche: Other

Sanne Petersen

Owner - Global Tours

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DC-SYSTEM INSULATION A/S is a well-run and fully family-owned Danish company. For more than four decades, DC-SYSTEM INSULATION A/S has produced polyurethane insulation panels for national and international markets. Today, the comp...

Hjemmeside: http://www.dc-system.dk Branche: Other / Ventilation & Cooling / Construction & Buildings


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Esbjerg Shipyard

Esbjerg Shipyard A/S provides everything within construction and plate machining in aluminium, stainless and black steel. Esbjerg Shipyard A/S also specialises in performing subcontracting tasks within the energy and wind industri...

Hjemmeside: http://esy.dk/dk/ Branche: Agri and Farm-tech / Fishing Technology / Other / Automation & Robotics / Marine Industry / Construction & Buildings / Water Technology

- Esbjerg Shipyard

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Lyngsøe A/S

Lyngsøe produces carports, shelters, tool sheds and bike sheds with an emphasis on a thoughtful and high-end design as well as being able to deliver products consisting of solid materials. At Lyngsøe, there is no compromise ...

Hjemmeside: http://www.lyngsoe.dk/ Branche: Construction & Buildings

Jesper Poulsen

Director - Lyngsøe A/S

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JS Ventilation A/S

Professional ventilation expert for indoor climate solutions. JS Ventilation ensures a healthy indoor environment and an efficient production. Its ventilation solutions are sustainable systems focusing on energy consumption and...

Hjemmeside: http://www.jsventilation.dk/ Branche: Ventilation & Cooling

Brian Olander Hjort

Sales Manager - JS Ventilation A/S

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Danske Bank - China Desk

Danske Bank offers a complete range of products and services targeting the various needs of business customers. Danske Bank wants to be its business customers’ trusted financial partner by setting new standards in business b...

Hjemmeside: https://danskebank.dk/ Branche: Financing & Funding

- Danske Bank - China Desk

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DANA-Technology ApS

DANA-Technology ApS is a technologically innovative company focusing on the development of machinery and equipment within food and food pet industry. The company works with Automation and robot solutions in both the production - ...

Hjemmeside: https://dana-technology.dk/ Branche: Manufacturing & Design / Automation & Robotics / Food & Food Processing

Vagn Hansen

CEO - DANA-Technology ApS

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”Find new clients, Find new collaborating partner(s), To expand my professional network, To learn from others’ market experience”

Bliv en del af netværket og få adgang til nye kunder

Med AndersenB2B-netværket får du nem adgang til nye netværkskontakter, potentielle kunder, samarbejdspartnere og leverandører via 1-1 møder, events og faciliterede matchmaking-møder. Mød industrivirksomheder samt underleverandører og rådgivere til industrien via de mange netværksarrangementer, som afholdes i hele landet.

Netværk med fokus på at skabe forretning i uformelle og hyggelige men stramt styrede rammer.


Der kræves PREMIUM eller BUSINESS+ medlemskab for at få adgang til denne funktion.